ADJY - Will's Pub - 9/9/15

I wasn't planning on taking photos for this show, but I love ADJY and I happened to recently get a new lens that I wanted to try out!

ADJY just got back in to town from a national tour with Apple Seed Cast. If I'm correct, this is their last show before beginning to work on/record their new album! 

The lighting at the venue was very dark and the few lights that were on were blue and green, making the band look like aliens. I had trouble focusing my camera because of it all, but there are still so many images that really surprised me afterwards! I love sitting down to look at an image and feeling like it captures the essence of a person and their environment. ADJY are incredibly passionate musicians and when they play and move together, they are seamless. 

I've said it before, but when you get the chance, go see them play.  And in the mean time, listen to their latest music on BANDCAMP