Orlando Portrait and Commercial Photographer

Hi There! My name is David Lawrence (Thats me on the right - that burly, beautiful, bearded man).

I do two main things.

First, I make beautiful, honest portraits of individuals that are to act as a representation of your truest self. When you see a portrait I’ve taken, you’ll be like:


Second, I create drool worthy, eye popping photos for businesses to use for their ad campaigns, marketing, and social media. The images you’ll get will make people empathize with the products your selling and be so dang over the moon that they will almost instantly come to your establishment or open up their wallets to buy your product. LIKE, WOW.

I’ve spent 5 plus years working as photographer, creating images for brands, touring rock artists, individuals, your mom, and even traveled all the way to Zambia, Africa to make photos for a calendar.

Crazy, right?


Below is some of my favorite work from over the years:

Whether it’s portraits for yourself or images for your restaurant or next big ad campaign, I've got you covered. Drop me a line below or email me directly at contact@iamdavidlawrence.com and you'll hear back soon! LOVE YOU. BYE.

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