Zambia Part 2

I realized on my last post that I didn't actually explain anything. So in this post I'll have a bunch of captions!

Everywhere you go in Livingstone there are hand painted signs. This one in particular stuck out to me. Walk with the lions!

This is "Olga's"! Its an Italian restaurant that my wife and our friend Hollie would visit frequently when they lived in Zambia. To be honest, Zambian pizza isn't the best, but its still something nice if you are missing American food while traveling abroad. 

This is me before I bungee jumped off of Victoria Falls. If you scroll down one more photo you will see the view from the top of the bridge!

I had to take some photos for Kwathu Children's Home yearly calendar. Below are all of the boys. The second photo was taken outside of the home. The two little ones are Michael and Vicky! They are the youngest at the home- and possibly the cutest!

Stars. The stars are the best here. Mainly because there is very little light pollution.

On one of our last days we drove to the National Park and went on a game drive. Our friend Agrippa was gracious enough to drive us through the park and show us all of the amazing animals. It really was incredible to see these animals in their natural environments. We also go to see the rhinos! The last photo is of the Zambezi River. 

This is our friend Hollie. Her and Dawn lived and worked together for almost two years at Kwathu Children's home. Along with my wife, this was her first trip back in just over two years. 

This is a typical meal for most Zambians. That big white lump is Nshima(the n is silent). Nshima is made from cornmeal and water and accompanies most meats and veggies! 

With the exception of the last photo, these were taken by my wife. These are photos of what life looks on a typical afternoon at Kwathu - Playing games, prepping dinner, and watching TV!

Below are two of the boys from Kwathu! To be honest I get a little choked up when I see these photos. I miss them a lot.