We make drool worthy photos to get customers into your restaurant!

We know how difficult it is to make photo content for Instagram, Facebook, or any other online marketing platform. Not only is it difficult to make the content, but it’s even more difficult to create images that look amazing, and get customers wanting your product before they’ve ever even had it.

To have the most possible success as a business you need to remind customers almost daily that you're there. You have to post on social media regularly, but to do that effectively you need images that people will get excited about and drool over. We will give you photos to post EVERY day to remind customers how great your food, beverage, and service are.

When people see a beautiful variety of carefully curated images overtime, they will be compelled to leave their homes or offices, and come in and get a bite to eat or drink to enjoy. 

For new customers that don’t know who we are or what we do; having lifestyle photos on our website and social media that show people eating and drinking really helps them relate and think, ‘Okay, this is what I could be doing.’
— Sonny Nyguen, Owner of Domu

How clients use their photos.

Process of working together:  

-Before a photo session we will determine who you are marketing to and what you are selling. 

-We will come up w/ a shot list of photos catered towards your marketing. 

-After this, we will plan a time to come to your establishment and spend anywhere from 1 hour to a whole day creating photos specifically tailored for your business.

-Within two weeks we will have a gallery of images formatted for your website and social media.

A photo shoot includes, but is not limited to:

- Portraits of the owners and staff.

- Lifestyle photos with food and drinks being cooked, prepared, and enjoyed.

- Individual shots of dishes/drinks and ingredients.

- Interior/Exterior Ambient Shots (with and without people).


Photography Pricing Options

Each option includes a pre-consultation to draw up goals and a shot list based around your businesses needs. The goal is to leave you with an abundance of images to communicate visually what your business has to offer!

Images for your website and social media
You will receive high resolution images for print/website use and low resolution images formatted for social media/web use delivered via an online gallery within 2 weeks after a shoot.

One Time Shoot Price | Ongoing Retainer Price*

$500.00 | $400.00  2 Hours of Photographic Coverage (50-60 images)

$900.00 | $700.00 4 Hours of Photographic Coverage (80-100 Images) 

$1600.00 | $1400.00 8 Hours of Photographic Coverage (175-200 Images)

*This pricing is based on a commitment to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly photo shoot.

**If pricing is an issue, ask about payment plans! We are happy to set something up!