Book a Portrait Session

Hello, my name is David! I specialize in creating portraits that you can look at and say “OMG, THATS ME!”

Every Friday through July I will have my studio open for portrait session appointments. This an opportunity to come, be yourself, and leave with awesome photos that truly reflect who you are!

Need a day besides Friday? Email me and we will work something out!


Pricing Options:

-All Portrait Sessions include light retouching (removal of stray hairs and lessening of small blemishes.

Option 1: $500.00

- 1.5 Hour long Portrait session
- 10 Final Retouched Images
- 2-3 Looks
- 3-4 Backdrop Colors

Option 2: $300.00

- 1 Hour Session
- 5 Final retouched Images
- 2-3 Looks
- 2-3 Backdrop Colors

Option 3 $250.00

-30 Minute Session
-3 Final retouched images
-2 looks
-2 Backdrop Color

Option 4 $150.00

-20 Minute Session
- 1 Final Retouched Image
- 1 Backdrop Color
- 1 Look

As an added bonus, w/ all sessions I will include a few of my favorite images that haven’t been retouched, but still meet my standard of quality!

All Photos are delivered within 2 weeks after session date.

My Studio is located off of West Moreland and Colonial - you will receive an exact address the day before your session!

I also shoot portraits on 35mm Film - if thats something you are interested in addition to the digital images, mention it in the notes when signing up.

General Guidelines

-The goal of a portrait session is to encourage you to have fun and be yourself! So, wear what makes you feel comfortable and just prepare to come have fun and leave w/ some awesome images!