Molly Moons - Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill will always feel like home- I don’t care how long I’m gone or how far I find myself or how much it or I change. That place is alive in ways that no other place could be and I miss it often.

My memories there sing songs of never ending days filled with warmth and nights filled with cold air and conversation. Times that told me I would be twenty forever and that no set amount of sleep would ever be needed. These times also told me I could eat whatever I wanted and that I would forever have a fast metabolism.

So I did. I began searching for and eating every good thing I could find. And thats how I found Molly Moons - My favorite ice cream in the city. 

Molly Moons Currently has 6 locations. This one is located in the heart of the Pike/Pine Corridor of Capitol Hill and on any given day will have a line of people waiting inside and out- filling every seat and blocking the doorways just to get a scoop.

But its worth it. The ice cream is homemade and uses fresh, local ingredients. The milk used is sourced from Washington farms and completely antibiotic and hormone free. All of the fruit when obtainable is organic. A quick scan of their blog will reveal pictures and long time relationships with Washington farmers. Its important to know where your food comes from and it is clear Molly Moon's believes this down to every last bite.

If you are curious, here are just a few of the farms they work with regularly: 

Tiny's Organic - East Wenatchee, WA.

Viva Farms- Mount Vernon, WA. 

Hayton Farms - Mount Vernon, WA.

Flying Cow Creamery - Rochester, WA. - This one in particular is special, because without it- The precious cone you see below wouldn't exist.  Its their "Spring Berry Froyo" made with the creameries own yogurt, a homemade berry jam, local blueberries, boysenberries, and raspberries!

On top of it all, Molly Moons makes their cones fresh every single morning and has new seasonal flavors on an almost daily rotation! A personal favorite of mine would have to be a tie between the Stumptown Coffee and Balsamic Strawberry. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a photo of either, but you can be sure that it will always be there and whoever is behind the counter will happily give you a sample. 

And if you get chance, once you have your ice cream in hand, walk across the street to Cal Anderson Park. Find a spot in the grass and enjoy every bite as the city moves around you. This is a perfect place to people watch, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Seattle weather. 

Capitol Hill | 917 E Pine St.
M-F 12pm-11pm

For a list of their other locations and hours, visit