Domu Scenes and Shots


Noodle Making

+Using the machine

+Slow motion shots of the particles (wheat, etc)

+Hands mixing elements

+Faces of the noodle maker

Plated Dish Shots
- Overhead shots of dinner/brunch dishes  -Ramen, Wings, peppers, Bao, etc. 

- Show the human element of dishes being put together/finished/dropping in ingredients. (See below) 
 - Shot of noodles on a board (See Below) 

 - Shots of food w/ Drinks in the background (Set up like below) Having a cocktail in the background is perfect) 

- Shots of food w/ Bar and people sitting in the background. 


Food Prep

+Overhead/front facing shots of plates being made 

Shots of the final elements being assembled (pouring liquids, garnish, stirring, smiling)

+Plates being handed off/delivered to tables. (I'd love some long exposure shots like below in the Kitchen/dining room/bar areas. Thats SUPER easy to do. 

+Team interactions


The Bar

+Drinks being made - I'd like to get a variety of drinks. - Will go for the lively/most vibrant ones.
  - Up close shots of drinks on bar and at table

  - Wider lifestyle shots of bartenders making drinks

  - People mingling at the bar/at tables over drinks
  - Wide shot of the bar room empty and filled
  - Up close shots of bottle selection

  - Brunch cocktails - Boba Mimosas, Japanese Whiskey/Champagne Cocktails
  - Ice cream being served and enjoyed
  - Up close shots of ingredient- see below 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.08.53 PM.png

Dinner Service

+Plate being delivered from the server in the kitchen to the table

+The group with one person talking, some laughing and some eating - all smiles

+Detail shots of the food at the table - untouched w/ people sitting around.

- Long exposure of photos of dinner service during dining 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.10.13 PM.png


Details to highlight


-Mural on the wall

-Table/ bar details


-Main Room and Bar/Waiting Room

-Signage - main East End Market

-Signage - cross street sign

-Signage - on Domu building