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Every year in Downtown Orlando the non profit organization, Creative City Project puts on an event called "Immerse". 


IMMERSE is an annual performing and interactive arts event in the streets and public spaces of Downtown Orlando. 

-Over 1000 individual artists are commissioned to create installations throughout downtown Orlando. 
-Last year 20,000 people attended.
-This year the event is expanding to two days and is expecting the number of attendees to double to 40,000. 

About "Print"

"Print' is an installation by Orlando photographer David Lawrence. He along with a team of skilled creatives will be setting up a pop up photo studio for anyone to come, sit for a professional portrait, and leave with a print of themselves in hand. 

We believe that print is dying. Less and less are the days of seeing a photo of yourself off of a screen or pictures of your loved ones in an old photo album.  Our hope is that people will hold a print of themselves in their hands, see how beautiful print can be, and be inspired to begin creating and capturing moments that can live off of screens for years to come . 


Simultaneously Lawrence will be displaying images he has captured of loved ones on a gallery wall next to the studio. We will print a second copy of each image captured to add to the display. Over the course of two days we will build a print gallery of 100's of individual portraits of people from all across the city! 

(Pictured here are Lawrence's Father and Grandfather)

(Pictured here are Lawrence's Father and Grandfather)