Alyssa and Tanner

A few weeks ago I got to fly up from Orlando to Chicago for the weekend. My sister and I were able to photograph Alyssa and Tanner in downtown just as the sun was coming up. Theres something so beautiful about downtown Chicago that sets it apart from anything else. The weather, skyline, light, the waterfront, its all perfect. So much nicer to photograph a couple outside of the hot Florida heat! 

We started the morning at Firecakes Donuts on Hubbard and ventured around the neighborhood for close to two hours. Alyssa and Tanner were recently engaged- so this was an engagement shoot of sorts. They will be getting married next year and I couldn't be more happy for them. 

These photos were all shot on the canon 6d switching between the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 and the Canon 50mm 1.8. I practiced free lensing in quite a few which has been one of my favorite techniques as of late! 

The Guesthouse - Mills 50 District - Orlando, FL.

My wife and I have been living in Orlando for close to 2 years now. When we first moved to this part of town, we'd often find ourselves wanting to go out. Most cocktail bars were downtown and rarely did we ever want to brace the craziness of downtown at night. About a year ago, The Guesthouse popped up just down the street from us and we couldn't have been more pumped to check out it. 

Since then, its become a place that we visit almost weekly for date nights or to meet up with friends. When I was asked to take photos for their social media I was overjoyed. As a photographer I love getting to work with brands and companies that I enjoy and believe in. Whats even cooler is that they are our neighbors! 

I approached this shoot with the idea of wanting to focus photographing two things: The community this space creates and products/drinks customers may not know about yet!  

Chicago - Street Photography

Last month my wife and I went to Chicago. Rarely do I get to just walk around and take pictures in the city. It was a treat to be completely honest. 

These are some of my favorite images from the trip. 

Home Studio Session With Dawn

Orlando Family Session

This lovely family is in the process of beginning to adopt their second child and asked me to take some photos for their application process. So glad to have been able to do this!

Engagement Session w/ Logan and Jenn

I loved the variety of this session from home to the outdoors. Excited on the marriage of these two!

At Home Studio Session w/ Kaley

I've recently began taking advantage of the lighting at my house and inviting people over for their portrait sessions. I've enjoyed the outcome so far and can't wait to do more. 

Whitener Wedding - Mt Pisgah

Super enjoyed getting to photograph these two's marriage in North Carolina last month. Lovely venue and even lovelier couple. Thanks to Roger Amundsen for second shooting and getting some killer shots as well. 

Mark and Mckenzie - Orlando, FL. Mead Gardens

These two are getting married at the end of this next week and I'm beyond excited to photograph their wedding. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing some engagement photos!

Noreik - Los Angeles, CA.

I spent a week in El Capitan Canyon for Field Trip, a large photography workshop that happens once a year. After I went down to LA to meet up with Noreik to explore around the city and do some portraits. We spent most of our time hanging and by the time we got to shoot it was dark outside so we took advantage of what little light we could find. 

We started out taking a few shots in the light of the garage of the apartment I was staying at and then walked out to the nearby streetlights. 

I was unsure of how any of the shots would turn out as I almost never shoot at night. The day before I took a class on "Finding the story" in your photos and I'd been thinking a lot about the value of photography and the responsibility we have as photographers to capture the things that are important and meaningful and not just pretty looking. 

As we were shooting some kids walked by and asked Noreik if he was famous. Noreik smiled and said "Not yet, but one day I hope to be." Noreik is an incredible musician and rapper and all around kind dude. He started telling the kids about his music and the kids got pumped! They began asking if they could take photos with him to show their friends. They were so happy to have him in their neighborhood. 

Noreik got to be a joy giver and encourage them to keep being positive and  I'm pretty sure made their night. The most important part to me is that in general Noreik really has a heart to encourage others through his life and music. Earlier in the day he was telling me how he wants to see younger people in our generation grow in to being positive and helpful members of society and this was a living picture of that conversation. 

Kevin Schlereth - Orlando, FL. February 2016

Kevin recently passed through Orlando. I was able to take some photos of him and his bandmate Fallon before their show. 

Hear his music at

Hector The Barber - Epic Stylz

Hector Rivera - Epic Stylz - Pine Hills, FL.

Mikey and Lisy

Dickson Azalea Park, Orlando, FL. 11/14/15

Saba Family - Mead Gardens

Raphsodic Bakery

A little over a year ago my wife and I were looking to move to Orlando. We spent tons of time driving around downtown, looking everywhere for a place to live. We found a little house in colonial town, dialed the number on the sign, and said we were interested in seeing the space. The property manager said he would be there in an hour. We had time to kill and decided to visit a bakery we had recently noticed on Mills. 

This bakery happened to be both Vegan and Gluten Free and all around, AWESOME. The coffee was from a small roaster in Clermont and all the baked goods were made in house. 

We ended up moving in to the house we looked at and several days later I went back to use the wifi. I had hours worth of work and the staff was gracious enough to let me occupy a table and suck up their bandwidth. 

Its been awhile since I'd been back, but when I heard they were closing a few weeks ago I had to make sure to stop in and say my goodbyes. 

We went on Thursday this past week and then I came back again at open on Friday with my camera. From the moment the doors opened there was a line. People were waiting to get in and get their last fix. Some customers even brought gifts. 

The staff was upbeat, and Katie the owner, while noticeably tired from a long week of preparation for the final day was filled with light and joy, making sure to smile and let every customer know that she was truly thankful for each and every person who came in supported the shop for the last five years. 

The mills 50 district and might I say, Orlando, lost a really great part of its food community, but heart of the business and the people in it won't be forgotten. 

Thank you Katie for loving this community and being intent on doing things well and always serving up good things. I wish you the best of luck and hope our paths cross again in the future! 

New York Times Staff Party Stencil by SKIP

My friend Skip was recently hired by Ocean Prime in Dr. Phillips to stencil a logo on to a dessert for the New York Time's yearly staff party. I was asked to document the stenciling for future marketing and promotion.

Here is what we came up with. 

For Today - Back Booth - 10/8/15

About 5 years ago, when I was moving to Seattle my friend Tyler gave me a cd filled with songs from his favorite bands. The first band was For Today. I had never heard anything quite like it. The first track was almost something like that of a spoken word poet - and then all hell broke loose and I heard more metal than I'd ever heard before.  

They recently released a new record and I had the chance to see them play live last night and take some photos. This was one of the most difficult shows I've ever shot. The room was PACKED. The venue was dark and the lighting CONSTANTLY changed, so keeping consistency was a struggle, but I like what I ended up with. 

Hammock Wedding Preview

Thought I would post a few photos before they are all done. 

These were shot on September 26th at The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne in Downtown Orlando. More to come in the coming weeks! 

Zambia Part 2

I realized on my last post that I didn't actually explain anything. So in this post I'll have a bunch of captions!

Everywhere you go in Livingstone there are hand painted signs. This one in particular stuck out to me. Walk with the lions!

This is "Olga's"! Its an Italian restaurant that my wife and our friend Hollie would visit frequently when they lived in Zambia. To be honest, Zambian pizza isn't the best, but its still something nice if you are missing American food while traveling abroad. 

This is me before I bungee jumped off of Victoria Falls. If you scroll down one more photo you will see the view from the top of the bridge!

I had to take some photos for Kwathu Children's Home yearly calendar. Below are all of the boys. The second photo was taken outside of the home. The two little ones are Michael and Vicky! They are the youngest at the home- and possibly the cutest!

Stars. The stars are the best here. Mainly because there is very little light pollution.

On one of our last days we drove to the National Park and went on a game drive. Our friend Agrippa was gracious enough to drive us through the park and show us all of the amazing animals. It really was incredible to see these animals in their natural environments. We also go to see the rhinos! The last photo is of the Zambezi River. 

This is our friend Hollie. Her and Dawn lived and worked together for almost two years at Kwathu Children's home. Along with my wife, this was her first trip back in just over two years. 

This is a typical meal for most Zambians. That big white lump is Nshima(the n is silent). Nshima is made from cornmeal and water and accompanies most meats and veggies! 

With the exception of the last photo, these were taken by my wife. These are photos of what life looks on a typical afternoon at Kwathu - Playing games, prepping dinner, and watching TV!

Below are two of the boys from Kwathu! To be honest I get a little choked up when I see these photos. I miss them a lot.