Bearded Bro's Bars!

My friends at Beard Bros sent me some bars for my trip this week. And they are #delicious. But seriously. 
I’m always excited when companies are intentional about what they are putting in to their food. 
All of their bars are certified organic, non gmo, and raw. Keep making good things guys!

 ——— In the mean time, go follow them and look forward to some lifestyle photos I’ll be putting together in the next week for them!

Downtown Credo

About two weeks ago I did a shoot with my friend Jordan at Credo. Jordan runs a collective called Elementum - a community based movement that seeks to connect the consumer with the producer. Need some fresh fruits and vegetables? Jordan is your guy. 

On top of this, he is also top notch in the realm of Coffee and happy to make you a damn good cup! If you are in the college park neighborhood, stop by Downtown Credo and say hello.