capitol hill

The Wandering Goose

A little over a week ago I got to go by The Wandering Goose in Seattle, WA. I was able to eat and take some wonderful photos. 

If you are in Capitol Hill, be sure to stop by. I can honestly say that their breakfast game is on point!

Li'l Woody's Preview!

Spent the morning at Li'l Woody's for a project I’m working on with Nomaad ——— 

Li'l Woody's is my favorite burger spot on Capitol Hill and they do an incredible job at making amazing food while simultaneously working to engage the community around them.

The burger you see here is the “Adams Eagle Burger”. For the month of May, three #Ballard-area schools participated in the first annual “Li'l Woody’s Loves The Kids” art show. 

The winner of the show, Adams Elementary, was given the honor of creating the “Burger of The Week”. The students chose all the ingredients making up the burger, Mac & cheese, bacon, and ketchup, with a kid-sized bag of gummy bears on the side!The burger will be available until May 15th. Stop in and get one. I had it today and it was awesome! AND Proceeds will go to benefit the schools art program!