You Did A Brave Thing

44 of you got your photo taken. 

I thank you for that, seriously. It means the world to me. 


The thing I hear over and over is "I'm not photogenic." or "Man, I hate getting photos taken." "Can you make me look young again?" Theres a lot of insecurity and feeling unsure that comes with getting your picture taken. It takes courage to sit in front of someone and truly be vulnerable.


But, you're beautiful, I mean that. If you questioned it for even a second, I hope you'll take a look at the photos we made together. 


Theres been a lot going on in this world lately that can make us second guess our beauty and value, but its there. I promise. 


44 of you sat w/ me over the last couple weeks - we looked one another in the eye and made some awesome things together. 


I hope you'll check it out below and it puts a smile on your face and reminds you you're not alone. (You can click the photo or link below)

The next headshot days are June 14th and 22nd. Sign up at