Strive Magazine - Duncan Wardle

A couple months back I received a last minute inquiry for a cover photo assignment for a magazine based out of Alaska! They said the person being photographed was on tight schedule and they weren’t sure if it was going to work.

However, we were able to set it up. The magazine was called “Strive”. “STRIVE showcases businesses or people who have embraced the theme of positive change, opportunity and evolution.” The person they were featuring was Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney.

To be honest, I had never heard of Duncan or his work until this time. I did a couple google searches and found his site and a ted talk, but still didn’t know a ton about him. We were able to spend an hour together at my studio with a variety of different looks and setups.

Upon meeting, he told me about his passion for travel, speaking, once meeting Beyonce, creating a giant pool for Michael Phelps to swim in down main street at Disney, and even sending Buzz Lightyear to the moon. At face value, so many of his accomplishments sound insane and almost completely made up.

The truth is, in a lot of ways, they ARE actually made up. They are literally impossible seeming ideas, that he put into action and somehow made happen. Like sitting before the heads at Nasa and pitching them the idea of sending a plastic buzz lightyear figurine out on a spaceship. LITERALLY INSANE.

But, he did it.

You can see the article here and read more of his story on his blog here.

Below are my favorite images from the shoot! Thanks to Strive for this opportunity and Duncan for coming to my studio!