Arianna and Clayton - Barn/Outdoor Wedding - Ottawa Lake, Michigan

Clayton and Arianna were married in a little town in Southeast Michigan called Ottawa Lake. Its about 20 minutes outside of Toledo, Ohio. The trees were tall and the grass on the ground were bright green and filled with life. The weather was exponentially perfect. With the help of family and friends, they spent months planning and preparing for their wedding. The venue also functions as an air bnb, allowing for some of the wedding party to stay onsite and making getting ready so much easier! Both Arianna and Clayton are artists and super talented. They do really awesome video work, take photos, design, and draw. Tons of the details were designed/painted by Arianna - she did a killer job!  

The wedding was an emotional one. If you get far enough down in the photos there is a "Wish You Were Here" table with photos of Clayton's Grandfather and Arianna's Dad who both passed. Clayton's mom had attached a picture of Arianna's Dad to her bouquet which she didn't notice until her maid of honor pointed it out during photos. So many tears were shed, but the day was filled with joy. Arianna's Grandfather walked her down the aisle to send her off and Clayton and Arianna were so thoughtful of one another. Clayton slaved away for days before the wedding to make a video of the story of their relationship to give as gift to Arianna. Arianna was just as thoughtful giving him a handwritten letter and some old vintage cameras she found. Clayton is a great photographer and avid film camera collector. So it was incredibly fitting.

I cried while taking photos during the ceremony. It was the first time I've ever cried at a wedding.  I'll let the pictures do the rest of explaining. I'm thankful to have been a part of this day. Love you both Clayton and Arianna. Thanks for trusting me with telling your story. 

Venue: Shade Rock Farms LLC
Wedding Planner: Bee for The Day
Catering: Rolling Stone Wood Fired Pizza
Linens:  Meredith Party Rentals