The Guesthouse - Mills 50 District - Orlando, FL.

My wife and I have been living in Orlando for close to 2 years now. When we first moved to this part of town, we'd often find ourselves wanting to go out. Most cocktail bars were downtown and rarely did we ever want to brace the craziness of downtown at night. About a year ago, The Guesthouse popped up just down the street from us and we couldn't have been more pumped to check out it. 

Since then, its become a place that we visit almost weekly for date nights or to meet up with friends. When I was asked to take photos for their social media I was overjoyed. As a photographer I love getting to work with brands and companies that I enjoy and believe in. Whats even cooler is that they are our neighbors! 

I approached this shoot with the idea of wanting to focus photographing two things: The community this space creates and products/drinks customers may not know about yet!