Noreik - Los Angeles, CA.

I spent a week in El Capitan Canyon for Field Trip, a large photography workshop that happens once a year. After I went down to LA to meet up with Noreik to explore around the city and do some portraits. We spent most of our time hanging and by the time we got to shoot it was dark outside so we took advantage of what little light we could find. 

We started out taking a few shots in the light of the garage of the apartment I was staying at and then walked out to the nearby streetlights. 

I was unsure of how any of the shots would turn out as I almost never shoot at night. The day before I took a class on "Finding the story" in your photos and I'd been thinking a lot about the value of photography and the responsibility we have as photographers to capture the things that are important and meaningful and not just pretty looking. 

As we were shooting some kids walked by and asked Noreik if he was famous. Noreik smiled and said "Not yet, but one day I hope to be." Noreik is an incredible musician and rapper and all around kind dude. He started telling the kids about his music and the kids got pumped! They began asking if they could take photos with him to show their friends. They were so happy to have him in their neighborhood. 

Noreik got to be a joy giver and encourage them to keep being positive and  I'm pretty sure made their night. The most important part to me is that in general Noreik really has a heart to encourage others through his life and music. Earlier in the day he was telling me how he wants to see younger people in our generation grow in to being positive and helpful members of society and this was a living picture of that conversation.