Grandma Party- ADJY

My friend George plays in the band ADJY. A couple weeks ago he asked me to come out and take some photos of their performance at Stardust's annual Grandma Party. This was my first time attending the event! It was a blast. It was filled with all local vendors and through out the day a variety of local bands played! 

This next week ADJY will be leaving Florida to share a house in North Carolina and work full time at making music together. I haven't gotten to know all of them super well, but from the few times I've photographed for them and the hours and years I've spent with George, I know that they are passionate about what they are doing. I can see it in the music they are making and through the time, sweat, and hard work they are putting in to it. 

If anyone can succeed at doing what they love and doing it well - it will be them. 

I believe in my friends in ADJY and hope that if you get to see them play, you will too. 

Enjoy! And please check them out on Bandcamp =