American Gymkhana

Man, oh man. Where do I even begin? A couple weeks ago I attended an event called Cows N' Cabs. There I met Jay who was with American Gymkhana, sister restaurant of Junoon in Manhattan.

A few days after, he called me and asked if I would photograph a party celebrating the opening of American Gymkhana in Dr. Phillips.

If you haven't heard of it already, it is "a modern approach to Indian dining" with a twist of old British royalty meeting present day America. 

The food and drinks are impeccable. I had the pleasure of not just photographing, but getting to taste almost everything put in front of me. It is clear that the menu as a whole was well thought out,  made with passion and care. If you are in the area of Dr. Phillips, it is definitely worth the visit.

My personal favorites of it all were the Gymkhana Whiskey Sour–a traditional whiskey sour filled with bourbon and a mix of indian spices. As far as food goes, there was not a single thing I did not enjoy. The meat (in particular the chicken and the lamb) was my favorite.  The veggies were also perfectly cooked and tender.