Cows N' Cabs

If there is one thing that I love almost more than anything, it is food. Good, well made, food. 

This past weekend I had the upmost pleasure of being able to both attend and capture "Cows N' Cabs". 

"Cows N' Cabs" is a charity focused food and wine event created to benefit local charities while highlighting Central Florida's culinary talent.

Read more at about the event at "Cows 'N Cabs" website.

And scroll down to see photos of the whole event and all the wonderful people involved! 

Thank you "Cows 'n Cabs" for letting me apart of this event!

P.s. if you are restaurant and want to use these photos, feel free. I just ask that you reach out to me via email and include my info wherever they are being used! As a photographer I am all about relationship and really getting to know others in the community. Thank you!