Inhabit - At Home with Audrey Lentz

Inhabit - At Home with Audrey Lentz

At Home With Audrey Lentz

Inhabit is a new series by local photographer David Lawrence, that shares stories about the people who call Orlando home. It’s an exploration of where people live and spend their days, whether that be at home, in an office, the streets of downtown, or anywhere in between. Lawrence explores who people are and how they ended up there.

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Brian and Shannon Wedding - Seattle, Washington - The Hall At Fauntleroy

Brian and Shannon Wedding - Seattle, Washington - The Hall At Fauntleroy

A few months back Brian and Shannon got married in West Seattle at The Hall at Fauntleroy

It was a PERFECT Seattle Summer day. Literally like the ones you see in the movies or dream of on your best days. The sun was shining, but not too bright. The clouds were overcast and the temperature was neither hot nor cold, but perfectly sandwiched in the middle. 

Brian and Shannon both have a huge sense of humor along with an intense love for their family and friends. I enjoyed watching them smile, laugh, and make jokes throughout the day. 

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Lifestyle Session - Mcnair Family - San Diego, California

A couple months back I stayed in California with Sean, Erica, and their son Alister. We had planned to do family photos and I had the idea of getting up early with them and see what I could capture around their home.

As a photographer I've grown so tired of telling people what to do when I'm photographing them.

Your life as it is is exciting. The laughter, the messiness, the normal day to day. Its all beautiful. My goal in family sessions, weddings, or whatever I'm photographing is to come at things naturally.

I want to see you be you.

Thanks Sean and Erica for having me! Your family is a blessing and I love you guys and wish I was in California more!

Brian and Tani Portrait Session!

Here are Tani and Brian. They are expecting their child any day now! I'm so happy about creating images like these, ones that are beautiful and honest, ones they will be able to show their kids years from now. 

I met Brian when I was in high school; we played on the football team together. A couple years ago we reconnected at a wedding I was photographing; he happened to be a groomsmen. The two of them have been married for 3 years. He is a third year law student and she teaches at an elementary school. Recently he told me that him and his wife, Tani, were expecting a child and asked if I could take their photos. I was more than honored to do it. 

We went to Mead Botanical Gardens one Saturday afternoon and got to explore around!

Blake and Ana - San Diego Portrait Session

When I was in San Diego last month I had the pleasure of photographing Blake and Ana. They are two incredibly beautiful people, who as of February celebrated one year of marriage  We went to Sunset Cliffs, just before Sunset for photos. Both of them love hiking, camping, and simply being outdoors, so it was the perfect place to be. It was also my first time ever photographing a couple in California! 

I couldn't have asked for a better time. Thank you Blake and Ana for allowing me to get to know you all a bit and make some photos together! 

Joey and Joy - Mission Inn Resort and Club

Joey and Joy recently got married. They are both incredibly kind people who I've been really happy to get to know. Their wedding was held on an incredibly beautiful day at Mission Inn and Resort in Howey in Hills, Florida(about 30 minutes from Orlando). 

Joey became friends with Joy's brother through work and caught a glimpse of her via a photograph on the fridge while he was helping him move. He knew instantly that he wanted to be with her and set up a "chance" dinner. Upon meeting he got her number from Joy's brother.

March of last year they went on their first date and the rest is history. I can see their love for another in so many of the photos that were captured on their day. Thankful for you both and blessings in all your years to come!

Mikey and Lisy Wedding - Winter Garden, FL.

I met Mikey a couple years back when he was a groomsmen at another wedding I photographed. When he got engaged he reached out to me about photographing his wedding as well! I couldn't have been more pumped to do it! 

Both Mikey and Lisy are involved in a church in Clermont and have a huge heart to serve others with their lives. Its been awesome to get to know them and their family over the course of the last year leading up to their wedding! 

They got married in Winter Garden at the beautiful Stoneybrook West. It was a small outdoor ceremony with their friends and family. The weather was perfect and not too hot! Mikey and Lisy's day couldn't have been better!

Matt and Sarah Engagement - Tampa, FL.

Matt and Sarah are two kind hearted, lovely, and genuine human beings. I've known Matt for a couple years now. He used to live in Orlando and is a good friend of my wife and I'm always encouraged by his friendship. When he asked me to do their engagement photos I was totally pumped!! 

They will be getting married after the New Year in Tampa and having their reception at the Rialto Theatre in Tampa Heights. The venue was nice enough to give us some time to take engagement photos there! Tampa is one of my favorite cities and a beautiful place to have a wedding! 

After we got to drive to Buddy Brew Coffee for drinks and to take a small set of photos in their shop! Buddy Brew has the best coffee in Tampa and I was happy to spend time with these two there!  

Joy and Joey Engagement - Orlando, FL.

A few weeks back I took a trip to Chicago. While there I was able to do an engagement shoot in the early morning light. It was the first time I had ever photographed a couple at that time of the day and the results were beautiful. When I got back to Orlando I was super excited to shoot in the morning again! 

Joy and Joey reached out to me a few months ago about photographing their wedding in December. Shortly after we started talking about engagement photos and I asked if we could meet up in Downtown Orlando for an early morning shoot. I had never photographed there before and wanted to do something different.

The two of them were totally down and also super happy to adventure through the city. I'm excited at how this shoot turned out can't wait for their wedding in December! 

Alyssa and Tanner

A few weeks ago I got to fly up from Orlando to Chicago for the weekend. My sister and I were able to photograph Alyssa and Tanner in downtown just as the sun was coming up. Theres something so beautiful about downtown Chicago that sets it apart from anything else. The weather, skyline, light, the waterfront, its all perfect. So much nicer to photograph a couple outside of the hot Florida heat! 

We started the morning at Firecakes Donuts on Hubbard and ventured around the neighborhood for close to two hours. Alyssa and Tanner were recently engaged- so this was an engagement shoot of sorts. They will be getting married next year and I couldn't be more happy for them. 

These photos were all shot on the canon 6d switching between the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 and the Canon 50mm 1.8. I practiced free lensing in quite a few which has been one of my favorite techniques as of late! 

The Guesthouse - Mills 50 District - Orlando, FL.

My wife and I have been living in Orlando for close to 2 years now. When we first moved to this part of town, we'd often find ourselves wanting to go out. Most cocktail bars were downtown and rarely did we ever want to brace the craziness of downtown at night. About a year ago, The Guesthouse popped up just down the street from us and we couldn't have been more pumped to check out it. 

Since then, its become a place that we visit almost weekly for date nights or to meet up with friends. When I was asked to take photos for their social media I was overjoyed. As a photographer I love getting to work with brands and companies that I enjoy and believe in. Whats even cooler is that they are our neighbors! 

I approached this shoot with the idea of wanting to focus photographing two things: The community this space creates and products/drinks customers may not know about yet!  

Chicago - Street Photography

Last month my wife and I went to Chicago. Rarely do I get to just walk around and take pictures in the city. It was a treat to be completely honest. 

These are some of my favorite images from the trip. 

Home Studio Session With Dawn

Orlando Family Session

This lovely family is in the process of beginning to adopt their second child and asked me to take some photos for their application process. So glad to have been able to do this!