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About "Print"

"Print' is an installation by Orlando photographer David Lawrence. He along with a team of skilled creatives will be setting up a pop up photo studio for anyone to come, sit for a professional portrait, and leave with a print of themselves in hand. 

This will be David’s Second Year at “Immerse”. Last year across 2 days, he photographed just over 300 people at his pop up studio!

Seen here is Lawrence's studio- We will create a very similar simple setup at "Immerse."

Seen here is Lawrence's studio- We will create a very similar simple setup at "Immerse."

"I believe that print is dying. Less and less are the days of seeing a photo of yourself off of a screen or pictures of your loved ones in an old photo album.  My hope is that people will hold a print of themselves in their hands, see how beautiful print can be, and be inspired to begin creating and capturing moments that can live off of screens for years to come." 


Simultaneously Lawrence will be displaying images he has captured of loved ones on a gallery wall next to the studio. We will print a second copy of each new image captured in the studio and add it to the gallery wall.

Similar to last year, over the course of two days we will build a print gallery of 100's of individual portraits of people from all across the city. The goal this year will be to make the installation bigger than last year, photographing at least 400 people.

This ideally will be a semi permanent installation that can be left up and looked at after “Immerse”.

(Pictured here are Lawrence's Father and Grandfather)

(Pictured here are Lawrence's Father and Grandfather)

To cover the time of everyone involved and the physical cost of this installation, we need some help. Altogether we will need about $3,500.00


(List of Physical items that can be donated to make this thing happen!)

-400 5 by 7 Plastic Photo Sleeves

-800 Pieces of Canon 5 by 7 Pro photo paper plus glossy ii

-4 boxes of Canon Ink

-Canon TS9120 Printer

-2 Moveable Gallery Walls similar to photo in link (Or materials to build gallery walls)

-Materials to build walls would include, 4 4 by 8 plywood boards, Metal wall fasteners, 15-20 2 by 4s, base w/ wheels, white paint, and screws/nails.

-10 boxes of Adhesive Putty

-Canon 24-70mm Lens (A rental for a couple days totally works!)

-Materials to hang a proper mission statement like the one below at the entrance for attendees to see and read!